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Who we are


Today I want to tell you the story of Hotel Holland and Hotel Ravello and how we decided to unite the two families into one big house, Hotel Holland.

It was back in 1980 when a young couple, Mario and Orchidea, decided to change their business and from being restaurateurs decided to become hoteliers and buy a hotel in their beautiful home town, Rimini.

In those years tourism in Rimini was booming, millions of Italian tourists, but also Germans, were choosing the city as their holiday destination! What better time then to buy a hotel? And here comes the right opportunity… Hotel Holland.

Mario and Orchidea have two children, Marco and Simona. The whole family spends the summer at the Hotel Holland, the parents work, the children also, but they also go to the seaside and have a great time meeting year after year all the friends who come to the hotel to spend their holidays.

The years go by and little by little for the Holland guests coming back to Rimini means coming back to the Buldrini family, ready to welcome them as one would welcome true friends, and the Holland becomes for all of them the “home of the sea”.

It was 1990 when Simona met Mirco. Almost immediately Mirco starts working with the Buldrini family at the Holland Hotel. Mirco already had another job, but he became very passionate about the hotel world. He worked in the lounge as a waiter, at the reception desk alongside Orchidea and learned all the secrets of this incredible job, which he became more and more passionate about.

By now it’s done, Mirco is in love with Simona and the Hotel Holland, in 1995 they get married and in 1997 two beautiful twin girls, Alessia and Chiara, are born, the family expands!

When Alessia and Chiara turn 10 in 2007, Mirco and Simona decide to embark on their own personal adventure and rent the Hotel Ravello, also located in Marebello, just a few metres from the Holland.

For 16 years, Mirco and Simona and their girlfriends Alessia and Chiara have successfully managed Hotel Ravello while the well-established business of Hotel Holland continues to flourish.

Only Chiara in 2017 decides to break away from the family to embark on her journey and move to Australia.

But something unforeseen, I would say unimaginable, happens: a worldwide pandemic in 2020 upsets all the balances. With great courage Mirco and Simona continue working at the Ravello without skipping a single summer! Mario and Orchidea, after so many years, decide instead to stop in that strange summer of 2020 when no one knew what would happen, and then in 2021 they decide to leave the management of their beloved Hotel Holland to Mirco, Simona and Marco.

For two summers, 2021 and 2022, Mirco, Simona, Marco and Alessia look after the two hotels, Holland and Ravello. With the pandemic, the difficulties are many, but at the end of the season they close the two hotels with the great satisfaction of having succeeded, again, despite everything.

We come to today, the end of 2022, plans are made for summer 2023 and Mirco makes an important decision. He wants to go back to having a more intimate and confidential relationship with his guests, to look after them and pamper them closely, but with two hotels to manage he can’t always manage that, and then the family is separated and he doesn’t like that.

He reluctantly decided, after 16 years, to leave the management of Hotel Ravello and to stay together to run Hotel Holland.

This brings to an end a long adventure that thousands of people who have been our guests have made extraordinary and unforgettable, but a new chapter opens at Hotel Holland! Mirco, Simona, Alessia, Orchidea, Mario and Marco are all waiting for you at Hotel Holland to start writing this great new story together …..

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