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Who's Poly?

Poly is an inseparable parrot, he is 13 years old and for 8 years has been hired indefinitely as the mascot of the Hotel Holland! Any special signs? Only those who like him ring the bell!

Check in and check out at what time?

Check in after 12:00 and check out before 9:30 /10:00.

If I'm late for lunch?

Just contact us in advance and depending on the time of arrival you can eat a cold dish, or recover the meal on the day of departure.

If I'm late at night?

No problem, we welcome you at any time. The reception is open 24 hours a day and I may arrive late at night. If you have booked a full board or all-inclusive formula, you can make up for your lunch on the day of departure, plus we will give you a comfortable lunch box to make up for the dinner you haven't had.

If I arrive early in the morning?

You can leave your luggage at the hotel and enjoy your day at the beach from day one. If you want you can change and cool off in the bathroom of the Hall waiting for the rooms to be ready

Is there parking in the hotel?

We have a parking lot in the hotel used for loading and unloading luggage but you can not park your car there.
We have 2 car parks guarded and insured by us that are part of the All-inclusive package
We recommend that you book your parking space in advance but, if availability permits, you can also purchase it directly at the hotel.

Do you have pushchairs and baby cots?

Yes, we have everything you need to welcome the children and make them feel comfortable and at ease: the high chair in the dining room, the camping bed in the room, the stroller (while supplies last)

Can small children enter the room first?

Of course! They can enter 30 minutes before and we can prepare for them vegetable broths, vegetable purée and pasta. You can bring your usual products from home, we will cook them following the instructions of mom and dad.

Do you have products for intolerants?

We have packaged products, both gluten free and for lactose intolerants, for breakfast. For lunch and dinner it is possible to arrange with the waiter in the room and the chef in the kitchen to prepare dishes especially for the intolerant. In addition, you can bring your own products from home, we will cook them by following the directions of each guest.
At Hotel Holland we are organised to carefully welcome those who have food intolerances, but we would like to specify that the presence of cross-contamination is possible, as the kitchen is in a single space. We cannot therefore guarantee a safe service for those suffering from celiac disease

Do you accept animals?

Of course, 4-legged friends are welcome if they are used to staying in a quiet apartment without damaging the furniture or other guests. It will be the owners' responsibility not to leave them unattended and to calm them down if they cause any disturbance. Pets are not allowed in the dining room or in the common areas and we require, depending on their size, a small fee for final cleaning.
Our beaches accept dogs and in some of them you can rent a box area where you can leave them free to play (the service is charged, to be agreed and paid directly with the Lido).

Do you have a pool?

The ALL INCLUSIVE offer gives you free access to the Skaramacai Amusement Park with which we have an agreement and has a swimming pool. We also have an agreement with the Beach Village water park in Riccione which has a swimming pool. The entrance tickets to the park and the shuttle from the hotel are included for stays in All Inclusive formula.